Hello my name is Nils aka Noim. On this homepage you can find some information about me, but nothing more.

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import { Person } from "earth/human/";

const nils: Person = new Person({
  id: 1337,
  name: "Nils Bergmann",
  birthday: new Date("Thu, 30 Mar 00 15:03:00 +0100"), // sweet, you disabled javascript
  usernames: ["Noim", "EpicNilo", "TheNoim"],
  social: [
    new Twitter("@EpicNilo"), // ~>
    new Reddit("/u/TheNoim"), // ~>
    new Homepage(""), // ~>
    new GitHub("TheNoim"), // ~>
    new GitLab("Noim"), // ~>
    new eMail("nilsbergmann(at)"), // ~> nilsbergmann(at)
    new Telegram("@TheNoim"), // ~>
    new KeyBase("noim") // ~>
  languages: ["german", "english"],
  power: Infinity,
  mainSkill: "programming",
  clicheHomepage: true


export default nils;


import { schuelerkarriere: sk } from 'earth/companies/germany/';

sk.homepage; // ~>


sk.employee[34].firstDay; // ~> Fri, 01 Dec 17 00:00:00 +0100


You can find a list of my projects on this page: my active projects

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